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I’m not sure I can put into words just how special, appreciated, and blessed that I feel, but I’m going to try. (And yes, this going to be a very long post! LOL!) Yesterday, at our Investor Meeting, my board of directors set aside some time to recognize me and the 25 years that I have worked for the Park Hills – Leadington Chamber. There were lots of beautiful words spoken by so many people and several incredible things gifted to me… all my favorite things. I know there was a lot of thought, time, money, and feeling involved. I’m absolutely astounded. My heart is overflowing with gratitude and love.

In 25 years, I have had Twenty-five different boards totaling 87 --- EIGHTY-SEVEN, individuals serving the Chamber and serving as my superiors. But, that number is a mere drop in the bucket when you begin to add up the Chamber Investors that I’ve worked with during my 25 years. I have had working relationships with literally thousands of people from our community. Even more importantly, I’ve formed strong, meaningful friendships with a vast majority of those people. I’m honored to say that I have learned something valuable from every individual that I’ve met, worked with, and worked for; and I respect each one equally. Every board of directors has been different, distinctive, and incredible. I know from my relationships with many other Chamber Directors that having magnificent boards every year for 25 years is a unique and valuable thing. What’s even more unique; every year, I have felt valued, respected, and appreciated. This is something that many people could never say about their work experiences. I’m blessed, truly blessed.

So often I hear, “this Chamber is one of the best because of you”. This makes me feel so proud, however, it simply isn’t true. Our Chamber is phenomenal because of every single board member and investor who devotes their time, energy, and heart to make it phenomenal. It takes everyone to make it succeed! Every individual person who has joined, been active, severed, and even left our Chamber has molded it into the outstanding organization that it is. I simply COULD NOT do my job without all of you.

Thank you all, so very much for caring, for your dedication, for your respect, and, for not only being incredible bosses, but also for being my mentors, my teachers, my heroes, and my friends! You all mean SO VERY MUCH to me!! Thank you, a million times over!

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