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The Park Hills - Leadington Chamber of Commerce is focused on helping investors build their businesses while keeping them connected to the Chamber and the community. Joining a Chamber committee is a great way to build business relationship and gain potential clients. There is a wide variety of Chamber committees. We're sure you'll find one to match your expertise or interests. For more information about a committee, contact the Chamber office at 573-431-105.

Who can serve as a committee member?

Chamber Investors currently invested and in good standing.

When do committees meet?

Meeting dates vary depending on each individual Committee. Some meet monthly, some meet quarterly, others only meet once a year. Contact the Chamber Office for approximate meeting times of the committee(s) you're interested in.

Where do committees meet?

Most committee meetings are held at Main Street Grill in Downtown Park Hills, however, locations do change. Contact the Chamber office for more information about the meeting location of the committee(s) you're interested in.

Why should I become a committee member?

Serving on a Chamber Committees allows you to become more involved in the local business community. It allows for marketing opportunities, relationship building, networking, idea sharing, product and service promotion, increased business visibility, customer referral & recruitment, community betterment and so much more!

Park Hills - Leadington Chamber Committees

Ambassador Committee


  • Promotes investor commitment and retention

  • Raises awareness of Chamber activities & benefits

  • Informs and involves new Chamber investors to promote strong membership

  • Encourages meaningful and beneficial participation in the Chamber’s programs

  • Serves as a liaison for the Chamber and it’s investors

Board Nominee/Orientation Committee


  • Selects and recommends potential new board members to the board of directors

  • Creates and maintains an introduction packet for board nominees

  • Creates and maintains an orientation booklet for newly elected board members

  • Hosts and facilitates an orientation for newly elected board members

Budget Committee


  • Monitors the existing budget throughout the year to ensure compliance

  • Creates and recommends new a budget to the board of directors annually

  • Work with event planning/fundraising committee to determine and eliminate unprofitable fundraisers

  • Ensures that the Chamber remains fiscally responsible

Bylaws Committee


  • Reviews the chambers bylaws as needed for updates

  • Ensures that the chamber board follows and upholds the bylaws correctly

  • Makes recommended changes of the bylaws to the board which are ultimately submitted to the investors for voting

Communications/Marketing Committee


  • Recruits non-board members to serve as committee members, specifically, recruit a representative from each of the local media sources to serve

  • Helps to promote and communicate all chamber events, meetings, activities, and announcements to the Chamber investors and the local community

  • Seeks new and innovative ways to market the chamber and its activities/events

Event Planning/Fundraising Committee


  • Recruits non-board members to serve as committee members

  • Plans the annual events calendar for the Chamber

  • Creates subcommittees for each business event, fundraising event, and entertainment event

  • To continually analyze current activities/fundraisers to ensure they benefit the Chamber and the investors

  • Recommends new activities, fundraisers and events

Insurance Committee


  • Reviews Chamber insurance policies as needed

  • Recommends changes or addition to the Chamber’s insurance policies to the board of directors when necessary

Investor Meetings Committee


  • Creates the annual schedule of speakers for investor meetings

  • Plans and facilitates the Chamber’s annual holiday investor meeting in December

  • Assists with securing locations and caterers for the monthly investor meetings

  • Recommends ideas for improving or enhancing the monthly investor meetings

Legislative Committee


  • Generates a healthy climate for economic, business, industrial, and civic growth, and identifies areas of concern

  • Monitors, evaluates and helps to formulate legislative issues

  • Evaluates ballot issues that affect local businesses and the community

  • Makes recommendations to the Chamber Board for endorsements

  • Provides representation on the Mineral Area Chamber Alliance committee and works to establish common legislative goals that will benefit the region through the creation of an annual legislative agenda

  • Is responsible for building relationships and networks between the Chamber and elected officials across all levels of government

Membership Committee


  • Recruits non-board members to serve as committee members

  • Reviews current investor benefits eliminating any that become obsolete or unbeneficial

  • Explores and creates new investor benefits

  • Communicates awareness of benefits to investors

  • Recruits new investors

  • Assists with investor retention

Property Management Committee


  • Management of all the properties available for sale by the Chamber

  • Recommends land sales and selling prices

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